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Abstract Submission Open : 2 November 2020

Abstract Submission Deadline : 15 January 2021

The 8th FEZA Conference will showcase research in zeolite molecular sieves and other important nanoporous solids, including metal organic frameworks, porous polymers and related materials. The conference programme will consist of three parallel strands introduced by plenary and keynote lectures from outstanding researchers, supplemented by extensive poster sessions. These will cover all aspects of the science and technology of nanoporous solids, ranging from fundamental studies of structure and properties all the way to commercial applications. One of the parallel sessions will be dedicated to MOFs, porous polymers, covalent organic frameworks, porous organic cages, and porous carbons, and will be overseen by the Royal Society of Chemistry Porous Materials Interest Group.

We therefore invite abstracts for oral and poster presentations on all aspects of nanoporous solids. To help us best place these presentations within the FEZA Conference we ask that you indicate the topics you think your work best addresses (see below). Feel free to choose more than one topic if applicable. You will notice that we do not include a separate theme on modelling as we believe that a joint effort between experiments and simulation is paramount to address the open questions from fundamental science to advanced applications in nanoporous materials.

We will also hold ‘Industry Discussion’ sessions, including, but not limited to, presentations by invited industrial scientists, covering aspects from synthesis, scale-up, pilot studies and chemical engineering, through to full commercial application, and encourage abstracts for presentations that you think are relevant to this.


  • New Synthetic Methods and Post-Synthetic Modification
  • Novel Materials and Structural Methods
  • Physical Properties and the Role of Defects
  • Advanced Characterization and Operando Spectroscopies
  • Stimuli Responsive Behaviour and Emerging Properties
  • Gas Adsorption, Separation and Storage
  • Catalytic Properties
  • Biomedical Applications
  • Ion Exchange and Other Applications
  • Industry Discussion Session

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